Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I love writing

I love writing, I mean, every time I sit down and actually do it- I am instantaneously happy. So what I'm wondering about is why I continue to identify myself as a writer while not writing. A little bit like when I was identifying as a stay at home mom and I never stayed home (don't you think this sounds like a great country song?). Rather than dwelling, searching, analyzing- today I am choosing to just notice and change this behavior- my choice and oh so easy.
Today I would like to make a commitment- here on the internet- with my zero readers, that I will write on here daily.
My desire is to capture the daily moments of inspiration that come my way.

What I am reading now: Just finished Abraham/Hicks "The Vortex", moving through the pile next to my bed for the next pick.
Favorite moment of the day: Speaking my truth to my friend Jodi- there is nothing wrong with us.