Thursday, December 19, 2013

Everyday Aha: Little Piece of Black Tape

Everyday Aha: Little Piece of Black Tape: Last week I had the engine light on my vehicle come on.  We are heading on a long trip so this seemed to be a concern, but as is a practice ...

Little Piece of Black Tape

Last week I had the engine light on my vehicle come on.  We are heading on a long trip so this seemed to be a concern, but as is a practice now it ended up teaching me a few things, the lesson was cemented by my brother who said “a little piece of black tape works”, having found out it was the catalytic converter I thought he was talking about tape there- but no, he meant put a piece of black tape over the check engine light, ha ha.

The message I was taking in about the light was how I would focus on it, trying and trying to make it go away and yes, even blocking it with my hand while I drove.  The warning light is benign of course, like things that go wrong in our life, only a signal- a hey, hey - look deeper.

How often though do I end up dealing with the messages and disregard looking deeper?

Every perception that we have is an engine light, when we are at peace- no engine lights, no warnings, no ‘hey,hey’.  When we have any negative feeling at all it is a call to lift the hood and look inside.

Painting the engine light, a piece of black tape, or my hand would hide it for a bit.  I could have even disconnected the wiring to the engine light.  The metaphor for this is how we disconnect- drinking, watching TV, food, work- also benign, neutral, distracting but I’m not suggesting ‘bad’.  Like a soother temporarily helpful, but never satisfying the hunger.

What is the hunger, what is the engine trouble?  To completely skip ahead it is our perceived separation.  From one another and from the Infinite, All Powerful, Creator.  This is me, your mechanic of the moment postulating, after seeing many engines this is probably the problem.  This does not negate the need to go in and take a look and fix it.  Not a mechanic?  Not a meditator?  Not familiar with embodiment or energy work?  Not an enlightened Master (yet)?  No matter, there are friends who are.  They will go with you, they will show you the way until you become your own mechanic.

First we look, then we assess, then we fix.  I’m gonna go beyond the ‘wow, that’s a neat metaphor’ and spill all the beans here.

Look = meditation, inner work, focussing on awareness, noticing, follow it all the way back (“What’s Behind this?” again and again until you reach a space of THIS IS IT.

Assess = ask yourself, ask your highest Divine self, ask the Divine “IS THIS TRUE?” for everything you find.

Fix = Forgive, now having seen clearly what the engine trouble is (false beliefs), say, ummm, I don’t want this anymore, I choose ____________________.

Believe me, nothing is ‘unfixable’- in the end you find that nothing was ever broken and the engine lights are reset to ‘all is well’.

I love you.