Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Typhoid Mary

A client of mine had a brilliant epiphany during her session this weekend and I felt it was useful to share.

After a bit of a journey she found herself in a place of utter contentment, swimming in a golden river.  Her first instinct was that she wanted to “convince everyone to jump in with her”.

Have you ever had this? You read a book and you want to buy everyone one.  You attend a workshop and leave feeling so full that you call your friends and insist that they HAVE to take it.

We seem to have a natural urge to immediately jump to fixing everyone around us as soon as we feel like we have ‘the answer’.

During a recent workshop Tad Hargrave had us place both hands over our heads and press our hands together (do it now).  He instructed us to push with the Left and relax the Right.  Not one person had their hands pushed to the Left- all hands remained above the heads, implying that the natural reaction to a push is to PUSH BACK.

I also observed this while doing my Masters degree.  While watching tapes of an obviously super intuitive counsellor it was amazing to see that if he jumped to answering a persons ‘problem’ too quickly- to identifying the issue for them, even if he were 100% right they would argue against it.

What a dilemma for those of us who want to change the world, who want everyone to be happy with us.

What happened next for my client was brilliant.  We both felt the ‘offness’ of the word convince and she exclaimed, “I will be CONTAGIOUS- not in a bad way- but I will infect people with this awesomeness."  I am quite sure that this client will be the ‘Typhoid Mary’ of Joy.

Convince vs. Contagious.  Contagious insinuates that there is nothing that you need do of your own effort or volition,  you are just tainted with something and it passes easily.

Imagine sharing your goodness without the attachment to outcomes, those that are ‘fertile soil’ or have a predisposition to your affliction of awesomeness will catch it easily, those that aren’t - won’t- but perhaps you will weakened them a little and their immunity to Happy will be depleted a little.

With the attitude of convincing you tend to throw it out there and when rejected end up feeling two steps back.

This is the root of “Be the Change” Ghandi .  Get infected and spread away.

Love YOU,