Thursday, March 22, 2012


Well, well, well, I’m stretching- opening my eyes (little bright out here). The bear is coming out of her cave.

This winter I went the way of the trees, entering an outwardly dormant phase, laying my leaves aside and sitting bare for a while.

Sure I did what I had to do, duties more than anything, but in my real world- my work of sharing love in the world, well- I took a little breather.

Here is what came up when I googled “what do tree’s do in winter”

"During the period of winter rest there are many metabolic and developmental processes going on in the buds and twigs. These processes include respiration, photosynthesis, some cell division, enzyme synthesis, production of growth stimulators, and dissipation of growth inhibitors. “

In particular I want to focus on respiration and dissipation of growth inhibitors- I’m sure the other stuff was going on too!

Respiration...I took the winter to grow a mass in my right nostril. This mass has proven to be unmoved by all the efforts of western medicine, acupuncture, various energy workers, affirmations, the work of Louise Hay, prayer- he has been very good at showing me the amount of tools in my magic toolbox. There is no problem in this, but my quest has been to let go of that which no longer serves me (dissipation of growth inhibitors). As you ask so it shall be, and so this has been EXCELLENT for showing the
layers to which I want to be in control of this body, this world- everything really. I want to know the answers and I want to fix it all- ha ha ha- makes me laugh to look at it so clearly.

So what I’ve done this winter is watch my mind while this has been going on, watching where fear lives and where I can choose to trust and let peace lead the way. Layers and layers of ‘growth inhibitors’ have shown up, everything from not trusting Doctors to seeing the places that I believed myself to be a total failure. Looking at all of the lies that compel behaviours that reinforce the lies- and so on and so on. I sat back, often in my bed or in the bath with my friend Holy Spirit and we took a long hard look at
the rich movie in my mind, sorting and selecting, choosing to let go of idea’s of separation and lean into a connection story.

Believe me there were times when I beat myself up about not blogging, not ‘getting my business’ in gear like the world says you should. But the world is pretty f$#@ up so listening to what the world says is a bit like taking flying lessons from a snake.

So I guess I’m just saying Hello, I’m back. I am seeing some buds growing and look forward to the full bloom. I am loving my holistic work right now, it seems that my clients and I are shining the light on what’s holding them back, we are listening to the body, the energy body, the mind and the soul and getting all of us back to centred, back to whole, back to the Peace that we are.

Hello Spring, Hello Sunshine and Hello my friends,

Love from Fawna