Sunday, April 25, 2010

Thanks Kim!

This one is for you Kim- thanks for moving me from the Lone Nut- and Jodi- thanks for sending me this!

Check out this video and blog- awesome! Click here

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our Oprah Show Experience

A dear friend and I took a 3 year break from one another (that's a whole other story) and the other day at coffee I was telling her about our experience of going to Oprah.

This morning I feel compelled to share that story- before I forget :). There are so many layers and side stories, but I will try to be computer friendly.

UPI POY 2009 - Entertainment.

Going to the Oprah Show- September 2009

September of 2009 was a busy month, my business partner and I were stepping out and organizing a women's workshop weekend in the Kananaskis, school was starting and there was so much to do. When I received Velva Dawn's email asking me to please, please, please click on the link that she had provided and put my name (and hers) in for Oprah tickets my first thought was- we are too busy to go to Oprah.

Fortunately I was just coming off of a workshop with Tomas Vieira and in the workshop he had explained that a holy relationship consisted of making the needs of others your own. This idea popped in my head and I promptly filled out the forms- it took less than 5 minutes!!!!

Well, 2 days later I was coming home from a meeting and checking my blackberry, my brother was driving. The subject line said "congratulations". You know how many of those we receive so I didn't think that much about it, but I opened it and lo and behold, we had 4 seats to the Oprah Show.

My immediate thought was "I don't need to go", leading me on a big internal journey about 'need' and my habit of dismissing gifts from the Universe- I'm fine, don't need anything, I'm good, don't worry about me- tiresome!

Happily I knew where Velva Dawn was having lunch and I made a bee line for it. Acting cool and calm I showed her my blackberry and she responded as you would expect someone who has been trying for over 10 years on a monthly basis to get Oprah tickets.

I've read so much about people being in the flow, but this trip was absolutely and completely the embodiment of it. I truly spent no more than 30 seconds deciding who to put as my 3 guest on the online form, Velva Dawn was a given, we were working with my cousin and lifelong friend Jodi and living in Chicago was my Gratitude Buddy.

This side story begs to be told.

Early last year I received an email "you don't know me but...", with an article about 2 women who were gratitude buddies and a request to be hers! Kerry lives in Chicago and we began to email daily about our gratitude. Only gratitude, no life details, and the gratitude ran the gamut from the mundane "I'm grateful for beer" to the sublime "I'm grateful for the presence of the Divine in my life". I can't put into words how this has lifted my spirits, left me with a goofy look on my face and inspired me. I could do an entire blog- or a book on this practice and the synchronicity between Kerry and I.

Okay, back to Oprah. All of my ego worries were relieved quickly, I used Airmiles and paid only $74 for my ticket, my Mom and Dad easily volunteered to take the kids, my husband was super supportive and bam- it was game on.

The 4 days were full of deep talks, eating, eating and more eating, the Oprah show and painting Kerry's Wellness center!

Thanks to Velva Dawn's attention to time we were second in line! The Oprah show is a well oiled machine and we were herded from line to line, with the other adrenaline driven, brightly dressed party goers. Conversation primarily centered on the stress of what to wear to Oprah and what the show was going to be on (read as: maybe we will be given a car).

Entering the studio was surreal, exciting and underwhelming at the same time. We were ushered across the stage and put in the 2nd and 3rd rows. And then she came out!

Shorter than we had expected, but definitely the Queen of the castle; she had someone to change her from flip flops to extremely high, extremely cute shoes.

The show- Hoarders (read: no gifts!). It was interesting and well done and over in a flash. I particularly liked how Oprah handled 'the expert', calling him out and getting him to move out of his head. You could almost taste his desire to please her and look good, talk about pressure. The guests were great, and interesting for me as I had spent the previous Saturday watching about 4 episodes of the 'Hoarders' show.

After the show it was off to the Oprah store, yikes, everything Oprah (even some of her old clothes)- a little overwhelming for me I ended up going home empty handed but getting a great picture of me and a human sized, blow up rat outside.

We had a wonderful breakfast and discussed the reason that we may have been at the Hoarders show, hiding our disappointment at not getting any stuff :).

I came away with the thought that my hoarding comes in the form of hoarding information- taking in everything in sight and never sharing or letting it go. A major block to the dream of being an author.

2010 is therefore the 'year of the share' for me, so far-so good.

Before you drift off, our final day was spent painting- yep, painting! Strange as it may sound, and strange as it seemed- Velva Dawn and I were hyped to paint Kerry's Wellness Centre (Dynamic Ease). It had been a hair salon and was various hues of lime green and bright pink, not exactly the relaxing atmosphere that Kerry was going for.

We were fresh off of a month of painting Velva Dawn's wellness center (Inner Tranquility) and empowered to help this generous friend. A busy morning and afternoon left Chicago with a gorgeous brown and cream wellness space. Kerry was in awe of
our painting prowess and type A attack of the room.

The return home was in pure gratitude and awe for how magical life can work when we get out of our own way.

Thanks for letting me share, I'd love to hear what intrigues you most about this story.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Titanic Thoughts

Exxon Valdez Oil Disaster 15 Years Later
My Aha today came while driving to work. I had just had an
invigorating conversation with Jodi (
and had been using metaphor after metaphor.

I just love word pictures.

The one that came to me as I was driving is not new, but I want
to share it to cement it.

We are like an iceberg, a very small portion of who we are is above
board- the rest, the vast majority is hidden. The top our conscious
awareness, the bottom our subconscious.

The largest part is not only hidden from others, but often from ourselves.

The Aha part came when I was considering the ocean- I thought- the ocean is
God (or intention, or all, or whatever you call it), all around us.

Then, what is an iceberg- it is the exact same as the water, just in a temporarily
different state.

So today I am considering myself an iceberg, I'm trying to stay in touch with
the ocean so that I can have contact with some of what's underneath, and eventually
I trust that I will return to the wholeness.

Ahoy Matey!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

waking up? ready to be committed?

My mantra for the last week has been "I don't know anything".

Today I am sitting with this in a fun kind of irreverance that to me
is a sign that I'm starting to wake up.

I see the awake phase as quite fun, silly even- but then again-
I don't know anything!!!

I was listening to Chopra and Oprah this morning (and making Dusty
listen too- if he's going to be my guru he needs to get up to speed).

Deepak called life as we are living in it "a socially induced collective hallucination".

How great is that!!! This would sum up my current belief system, that
we are so much more than we usually perceive- and yet- isn't that just
hilariously pompous.

When I knew I was really in the jive today though was when I was playing
"Bejewelled" and realized that with no kids here I could do some Yoga- the screen came up
and said "Are you sure you want to quit" and I accidentally (!) pushed no,
well, then I started to laugh- I'm not sure- I don't know anything. I could have
stayed in that feedback loop all day, but really, I'm going to do some yoga.

Cheers to your day (aka the socially induced collective hallucination).