Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why Blog?

The last couple months I have been spending a lot of time inside- not indoors- but inside of 'me'.

This week it occurred to me that I hadn't blogged in a while- it was more of a case of too many Aha's
rather than not enough.

I had the experience this summer of having my 'thinking' - beliefs in Oneness, Only Love IS Real and
that it was supposed to be FUN here- move to 'feeling' and 'having'.

This seemed to require some time to integrate and interpret.

So, I asked myself, why would I blog- if I believe that it is all perfect, that the Divine plan is in play and
all change comes from the inside?

The answer that comes to me is that we are all in this together and sharing is our natural way.

I welcome stories, feedback, sharing, as I relax into my innocence sharing becomes easier and easier-
and I invite you to do the same.

With Love,