Saturday, February 26, 2011

Murderer or Miracle?

What do you see?

Yesterday one of my friends posted this story:

In a nutshell, a convicted sex offender who had just been diagnosed HIV took a 10 year old girl from a mall. He was stopped for speeding, given a ticket and drove away. From there on he could have done anything- he chose to drop her off.

This is a Miracle.

What I heard reported on the news was "Why didn't the police computer pick up on his history?". Straight to blame. A valid question- but one that I trust the police are already asking themselves. I want to know, what happened? Why did he let her go? I'm so grateful, grateful for a moment of sanity, grateful that she will sleep in her own bed tonight, grateful that her parents will have peace.

It made me think of the bible story of Daniel in the Lions den, because this is a bible story the focus is on Daniels faith- not on blaming the people who put him in there.

It made me wonder- how many miracles are we missing by focusing on the murderer?

In my own life I have experienced the miracle of surviving stage IV cancer and having a baby after being told that the chemotherapy would make this impossible.

I have spent the past several years training my mind, harnessing it's desire to see the scary and the bad. This article gives me hope that we can do this- instead of interrupting my peace of mind, making me scared for my children and for the world I was able to sense the humanity in this story and the goodness.

I've heard the argument that this kind of thinking ('bleeding heart liberals') could lead to complacency and chaos. I'm not at all suggesting that he should not be incarcerated, the problem with fear is that it offers three options: FIGHT, FLIGHT OR FREEZE. Compassion offers limitless options- offering ME peace and freedom.

Looking for miracles,

Thursday, February 24, 2011


When I named this blog Everyday Aha I was thinking I would write every day. Maybe some day I will, but what I am noticing is that my inspiration comes in blurts.

Today I have been sitting here mulling over which Aha to blog on- ha ha ha!

So, why am I in this space of inspiration this morning...

Tracking it back to just finishing a book "Talking With Nature" by Michael J. Roads, and his reminder that I am a part of everything. As I open to this the Aha's are rushing to me and through me in rapid succession. I can see.

So, I will blog on the joy of receiving little surprises.

My Dad loves Chapters and Chapters LOVES my Dad. He has a 100 year old log cabin office that is stuffed with all things self help, spirituality and big thinking. I have the distinct pleasure of being the benefactor of his book buying addiction.

My favorites though are ones like this, Dad brought it home for me from Mazatlan where he had found it in a second hand store. He takes an entire suitcase of books with him and then goes looking in the second hand store- addiction.

This book (the one mentioned above) is held together with 5 clear bandaids along her spine. She is weathered and worn and someone has read her while eating, and while stained, her value- like ours- is diminished in no way, shape or form.

The book is delicious. Putting me in a place where all things are possible, where I am connected and where I can believe in my infinite worth.

So, I am just going to sit here a while, leaving you with one quote- spreading the feeling and hoping that you will share your teeming idea's as well.

"The fruit of human wisdom will fall delicately into the hand when one reaches out in love and humility" Talking with Nature, Michael J. Roads

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hot Tips for A Happy Life- February 2011

Welcome Message
The Power of Receiving
IAMPTE- great offers before 2011
Coupon for Winter Treatments

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines.
I received several newsletters and facebook messages about loving yourself first -
a sentiment I resonate with.

Knowing that loving yourself first is a start, and has been well said I would like to
offer part two today- Acceptance. How well do you receive love? Are you catching
the love that is being thrown your way?
In this months article we will cover the WHY and HOW of receiving love.

Tossing love your way,

Fawna Bews


The Power of Receiving

How to Catch the Love Being Tossed Your Way

In energy medicine your body has a giving (masculine) side- the RIGHT- and a
receiving side (feminine). The receiving side is your LEFT and it bears paying attention
to where your injuries are falling. In our culture there is a strong emphasis on DOING,
achieving and giving.

How are you doing at receiving? I have devoted my practice to “helping, helpers”.
I often work with people who are constantly giving and giving and they end up coming
to me with all sorts of physical problems, fatigue and general malaise (I like this word :)).

This can be your body’s way of saying “it’s your turn”. These clients often relate that they’ve been told “you just give too much”- I disagree. In my experience, givers just keep on giving- until they can’t- so the problem isn’t the giving- it’s filling the tank.

In the Course In Miracles it says that ‘giving and receiving are the same in fact’ so why doesn’t it look like it?

One issue can be RECEIVING. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you willing to receive?
Do you see yourself as worthy of receiving?
Do you see receiving as ‘selfish’ in some way?

How do you do on receiving the small things- like compliments? Do you say a heart felt Thank You - or do you minimize the compliment and shoo it away? This is the first step that you can take to open up to receiving. THANK YOU.

Take a moment and tune into your body- close your eyes a moment- wait- read this first- Ask yourself- on a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being not at all and 10 being completely open to receiving- how open am I? You might want to visualize a dial and see where it's at.

No matter where that dial is- go inside and with your mind- push it up- push it open to full receiving! You are worth it, the more you receive the more you have to give- you wouldn’t try to drive a car an hour on 10 minutes worth of gas.

The other part of receiving is tuning in to what is coming your way- look for the gifts in your life instead of the ‘challenges’. In this same vein consider that there are different ‘love languages’. You may be expecting words when the people in your life are ‘loving by doing’- or vice versa. Make it a fun assignment to figure out how the people in your life ‘love’ you.

Finally, look at your own ‘giving’ and ‘loving’ -

is this coming from the heart?
From ‘obligation vibration’?
or are you ‘giving to get’?

Bitterness and resentment are perfect indicators that your tank is on empty or you are giving from your head, not the heart.

I am open to receiving your feedback,
with Love,


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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Processed Fear Slices- yum, yum

I watched the movie "Click" the other night. It's a movie about a man (Adam Sandler) who gets a remote control for his life. He can pause, fast forward and rewind at will.

As you can imagine this leads to some problems, the biggest being that the remote control has a built in memory feature that automatically responds to previous input.

I was reading in Sandy Morris's A Courageous Living Heart E-course (yes- that is a plug- it is great) that our brains do something similar. In order to save us time, the example she used was not touching a hot stove, by thinking it through each time we have some automatic responses to certain stimulus.
For things like touching the stove- what I will call 'organic fear'- this is helpful. However, we have also stored a lot of 'not helpful', at times destructive, info. that begs to be examined.

Why? For the same reason that processed cheese slices are not as desirable as organic happy cow cheese. Processed, many preservatives added fears, such as fear of failure, fear of being successful, fear of public speaking- keep us from our Truth.

Created by someone who laughed at you in your formative years, a critical mother, your fourth grade teacher- whatever- these fears when looked at openly and honestly just don't hold true. The work of Byron Katie is great for this.

In my life looking at all of my fears, 'processed' and 'organic' is allowing me to experience more freedom, more peace and more joy- my ultimate goals.

Of course- not wanting to be mean to processed cheese I have to mention that I still love Cheesewhiz on celery, but I know what I am eating.

I don't want to promise that your fears will disappear with scrutiny- but I have found that mine are getting a more translucent quality- they are losing their power to affect my behavior. I may still have fears of speaking in groups- but I do it anyway when it feels like the right thing to do.

Now for some reason I am hungry.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Tale of Two Masters

2 blogs in one day- wow- talk about going slow to go fast! Actually I received a piece of writing today that I want to capture and share.

My friend Gayle (makes me feel a bit Oprahish) and I had a most excellent conversation today.

At Destination Coach the focus is on 'pulling out' or trusting another person to have their own answers- this is accomplished by TRULY listening- without attachment, without MY story interfering.

A Course in Miracles, which I'm currently working my way through (with Gayle), speaks of the 'holy instant' which comes from seeing another as totally guiltless and sinless.

So it was from this place that I spoke with Gayle today.

The good friend that I am I laughed at her misery, I agreed that the world is a shit hole, and I invited the Holy Spirit to join us. At some point the conversation shifted and Gayle joined me in laughing at her misery. She is a wonderful writer and I would love to share her reflection on today.


On February 3, 2011, I woke up in the middle of a war zone. When I opened my eyes, on one side darkness, suffering, destruction and on the other side standing in the midst of chaos, truth.

Let me go back a little. I walk around this world wanting to get off. I want to go home. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me to remember who I am. I sit with as much “willingness” as I consciously believe I have. “Only you can derive yourself of anything”. (p.201; 4.) Fine! So, I ask again. “To the Holy Spirit, there is no order of difficulty in miracles” (p. 105; 4) Great! So I ask again. Please, let me see a miracle! I am willing to do anything, to go anywhere, to do whatever the Holy Spirit asks of me. So, with as much conviction, confidence, and determination, I ask again, “Holy Spirit, help me to remember who I am.

Think; don’t think, “You’ll always be wrong”. Be willing and “trust implicitly your willingness”. Ughhhhhh! So, with all due respect, how will I know when it’s Ego or Holy Spirit? The interaction appears seamless. Will it be something I see, feel, or think? (Don’t think, you’ll always be wrong) Hmmmm…… Conflict and chaos, the war wages on.

I feel like there are three of us in here: Ego, Holy Spirit and me. No wonder I’m confused. Did I mention the big shit pile outside? Does anybody else see it? How do people walk around content? I have been looking at the “it”, whatever the “It” is, forever, but as long as I can remember there has always been something, I couldn’t quite put my finger on. There is something else out there. Quiet, still, patiently waiting. “Holy Spirit, Is that You? Please, let it be You!”

Bringing my shit pile to the light and talking about it is healing for me. I believe it heals because it is truth and in this truth I find peace, love and God.
Recently, I told my 13 year old daughter, who was looking for that “something”, she couldn’t quite put her finger on, to be aware. Just be aware of what “it” feels like and when “it” feels like peace grab it with all you’re worth because THAT is who You really are. If only for a moment, you can “remember who you are”, you will have found heaven, here, in this illusion, or in my case, here, in my big shit pile!

Gayle Thorburn
Gayle is the founder and co-owner of the Highwood River Inn

Going Slow to Go Fast

Despite a house full of kids, the chaos of dogs and paying bills I am at peace.

I just came from 4 days on Destination Coach- in their own words:

"This is where you uncover your own Inspired Future, whilst also learning how to influence, inspire and coach others into their future." from the Inspired Future Website-

I was going in to be a support on this one, providing optional CranioSacral Therapy treatments to the participants. Everyone took us up on the offer and that is a totally other wonderful story.

When I arrived I was invited to fully participate- an opportunity I jumped at.

I'm going to back up to the week leading up to the event.

Have you ever wrestled with going away? My ego was on full alert- and I received a visit from a gremlin from my past. This particular gremlin loves to say "That's enough, you don't need any more". I'm going away in both April and May and the story I started to tell myself was- enough...enough....

Of course this is not accurate and I shushed this and went anyway.

The result.

I gave my husband a chance to shine (and he did), I met some AMAZING people and fell in love with some new parts of myself.

One of Aileen Gibbs lessons is "Go Slow to Go Fast" and that's how I feel today- these 4 days are going to propel me forward- more because I lost resistance than 'gaining' anymore. I let things go.

This is not meant as an ad for Inspired Future (although I can't think of anyone who would not benefit).

I just wanted to capture the value of time out. The value of reflection and connecting with yourself and others in a deep and meaningful way.

Not only this but it hit me that I thought I didn't need it- I did! I am not always the best judge of what I need- ha ha ha.

I am so grateful that I was open enough to accepting this time away and my families help.

I am energized towards finishing my book and responding to business.

I am filled up.

Sound good?