Thursday, February 24, 2011


When I named this blog Everyday Aha I was thinking I would write every day. Maybe some day I will, but what I am noticing is that my inspiration comes in blurts.

Today I have been sitting here mulling over which Aha to blog on- ha ha ha!

So, why am I in this space of inspiration this morning...

Tracking it back to just finishing a book "Talking With Nature" by Michael J. Roads, and his reminder that I am a part of everything. As I open to this the Aha's are rushing to me and through me in rapid succession. I can see.

So, I will blog on the joy of receiving little surprises.

My Dad loves Chapters and Chapters LOVES my Dad. He has a 100 year old log cabin office that is stuffed with all things self help, spirituality and big thinking. I have the distinct pleasure of being the benefactor of his book buying addiction.

My favorites though are ones like this, Dad brought it home for me from Mazatlan where he had found it in a second hand store. He takes an entire suitcase of books with him and then goes looking in the second hand store- addiction.

This book (the one mentioned above) is held together with 5 clear bandaids along her spine. She is weathered and worn and someone has read her while eating, and while stained, her value- like ours- is diminished in no way, shape or form.

The book is delicious. Putting me in a place where all things are possible, where I am connected and where I can believe in my infinite worth.

So, I am just going to sit here a while, leaving you with one quote- spreading the feeling and hoping that you will share your teeming idea's as well.

"The fruit of human wisdom will fall delicately into the hand when one reaches out in love and humility" Talking with Nature, Michael J. Roads

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