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Hot Tips for A Happy Life- February 2011

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The Power of Receiving
IAMPTE- great offers before 2011
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Hope you had a wonderful Valentines.
I received several newsletters and facebook messages about loving yourself first -
a sentiment I resonate with.

Knowing that loving yourself first is a start, and has been well said I would like to
offer part two today- Acceptance. How well do you receive love? Are you catching
the love that is being thrown your way?
In this months article we will cover the WHY and HOW of receiving love.

Tossing love your way,

Fawna Bews


The Power of Receiving

How to Catch the Love Being Tossed Your Way

In energy medicine your body has a giving (masculine) side- the RIGHT- and a
receiving side (feminine). The receiving side is your LEFT and it bears paying attention
to where your injuries are falling. In our culture there is a strong emphasis on DOING,
achieving and giving.

How are you doing at receiving? I have devoted my practice to “helping, helpers”.
I often work with people who are constantly giving and giving and they end up coming
to me with all sorts of physical problems, fatigue and general malaise (I like this word :)).

This can be your body’s way of saying “it’s your turn”. These clients often relate that they’ve been told “you just give too much”- I disagree. In my experience, givers just keep on giving- until they can’t- so the problem isn’t the giving- it’s filling the tank.

In the Course In Miracles it says that ‘giving and receiving are the same in fact’ so why doesn’t it look like it?

One issue can be RECEIVING. Ask yourself these questions:

Are you willing to receive?
Do you see yourself as worthy of receiving?
Do you see receiving as ‘selfish’ in some way?

How do you do on receiving the small things- like compliments? Do you say a heart felt Thank You - or do you minimize the compliment and shoo it away? This is the first step that you can take to open up to receiving. THANK YOU.

Take a moment and tune into your body- close your eyes a moment- wait- read this first- Ask yourself- on a scale of 1 to 10 - 1 being not at all and 10 being completely open to receiving- how open am I? You might want to visualize a dial and see where it's at.

No matter where that dial is- go inside and with your mind- push it up- push it open to full receiving! You are worth it, the more you receive the more you have to give- you wouldn’t try to drive a car an hour on 10 minutes worth of gas.

The other part of receiving is tuning in to what is coming your way- look for the gifts in your life instead of the ‘challenges’. In this same vein consider that there are different ‘love languages’. You may be expecting words when the people in your life are ‘loving by doing’- or vice versa. Make it a fun assignment to figure out how the people in your life ‘love’ you.

Finally, look at your own ‘giving’ and ‘loving’ -

is this coming from the heart?
From ‘obligation vibration’?
or are you ‘giving to get’?

Bitterness and resentment are perfect indicators that your tank is on empty or you are giving from your head, not the heart.

I am open to receiving your feedback,
with Love,


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