Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Miracle Of Trust

So, the Universe says to me. Truly, do you need to take another workshop, how about experience instead?

So far I am saying 'Yes'.

As of today the Miracle of Trust workshop that I was promoting is no longer happening. I have booked a venue and am unsure if there will be financial obligations and I have spent funds on promotions and printing.

Oh, NO! My old self would say. But new me is saying "Wow, I wonder what is going to happen next".

This is partially due to the fact that I had intuitively gotten the message to not worry about low enrollment in the course because it was not going to happen. Not worrying is always a good message, no matter what the 'great' reason for worrying might be.

I am feeling a strange inner peace, mixed with interest and excitement at how this will all turn out.

I must say, there is tangible and 'here and now' benefits to practicing Trust and being in the place of still hearing my ego but not having it determine my mood and behavior.

I am going to choose creativity over anxiety today.

I will keep you posted.

Love and light,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hot Tips For A Happy Life- May 2010

Hot tips For A Happy Life
May 2010

Welcome to the premier issue of Hot Tips, my intention is to share the

information that has been leading me to a more and more joyful life.

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for the rest of you, you are on my mailing list and I wanted to give you a preview.

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This months message is: Observer Status

I recently came across a great metaphor for life, I love it because it is non-judgmental and

just offers you the choice of how you want to experience life.

Consider life as a football game, on the sidelines everything is aggressive, alive and all of your

senses are engaged. The smell, the action, the excitement and the emotion are full on.

Most of us live this way most of the time, completely immersed in the game.

Okay now, let's take a few steps up the bleachers (in real life- breathe, meditate, take a walk).

All of a sudden it is less intense, you can see the organization better, you can relax a little.

Often people will lament that they 'can't' meditate because their mind is too busy. The truth is

that even noticing a busy mind is more aware than we generally are and a step in the right direction.

Eventually you may even try stepping into the blimp! From the blimp you can see the full game, the

beauty of the colors and everything and everyone that goes into it. You can see that there are things

going on outside of the game and that maybe, just maybe there is an organizing principle.

For those of you that are more animal oriented, less about sports, consider the eagle's view. When you

are finding yourself caught up with the action, uncomfortable and frustrated, overwhelmed- take a higher

post. Take in the big picture- use your imagination in this and play with it and mostly notice what is going


Part of being happy is knowing yourself- knowing yourself without judgement, this month try taking observer

status- watch the game a little.

Thanks to Robert Scheinfeld- for the inspiration

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A Personal Note from Kerry

About 1 year ago, I heard about 2 women who exchanged gratitude emails everyday to enhance their appreciation of life. I thought it was a great idea and began to brainstorm on who would be the perfect partner for me.

A name, "popped" into my mind. I dismissed it. After all, I didn't know this woman, but had simply read her website with intrigue as I was creating mine. She'd think I was crazy if she got a random email from me asking to be gratitude partners.

I went to walk my friend's dog, and had my mind on other things. I had wondered again about a gratitude partner and then quickly had the least jerked and about fell over. In the process my phone fell out. The screen highlighted on a name "Fawna" as an email had come in from her e-zine.

I giggled at the "coincidence", put my pride aside and invited her to be my buddy. She happily replied with a gratitude email to start things off, and we have been enhancing one another's lives ever since.

If you'd like a gratitude buddy of your own, let me know, I will gladly match you up and get you started on a journey of appreciation and receiving wonderful gifts as a result. Simple respond "gratitude" to this email, I'll take care of the rest.

Here's a great story from Fawna about giving and receiving and the lessons she is learning along the way.


September of 2009 was a busy month. When I received Velva Dawn's email asking me to please, please, please click on the link that she had provided and put my name (and hers) in for Oprah tickets my first thought was- we are too busy to go to Oprah. Fortunately I was just coming off of a workshop about putting others needs above your own.

Well, 2 days later I was checking messages, the subject line said "congratulations", I opened it and lo and behold, we had 4 seats to the Oprah Show. My immediate thought was "I don't need to go", leading me on an internal journey about 'need' and my habit of dismissing gifts from the Universe- I'm fine, don't need anything, I'm good, don't worry about me- tiresome!

I got over it and informed the 3 lovely ladies on my guest list that we were going to Oprah. One of my guests was our very own Kerry Sammon.

Early last year I received an email "you don't know me but...", with an article about 2 women who were gratitude buddies and a request to be her buddy. We began to email daily about our gratitude. Only gratitude, no life details, and the gratitude ran the gamut from the mundane "I'm grateful for beer" to the sublime "I'm grateful for the presence of the Divine in my life". I can't put into words how this has lifted my spirits and left me with a goofy look on my face.

Okay, back to Oprah. All of my ego worries were relieved quickly, I used Airmiles and paid only $74 for my ticket, my Mom and Dad volunteered to take the kids, it was game on. The Oprah show topic- Hoarders (read: no gifts!). It was interesting and well done and over in a flash. I particularly liked how Oprah handled 'the expert'.

We had a wonderful breakfast and discussed the reason that we may have been at the Hoarders show, hiding our disappointment at not getting any stuff :). I came away with the thought that my hoarding comes in the form of hoarding information- taking in everything in sight and never sharing or letting it go. A major block to the dream of being an author.

2010 is therefore the 'year of the share' for me, and if this is any indication- so far-so good.

To Learn more about the fabulous Fawna Bews, Check her out at:
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Qi Gong/Moving Meditation Mondays: Every Monday, 6-7 pm. Simply respond "Qi Gong" to this email if you'd like to attend. $10
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Dynamic Ease Meditation: Every Thursday, 7:30-8:30pm. Simply respond "Meditation" to this email if you'd like to attend. $10
Theme for May: Havingness=The ability to have, to receive.
May 13th: Having Your Relationships
May 20th: Having Financial Success
May 27th: Having Balance in Your Life
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People often ask me, "What's it like to be psychic?" Well, it's easy and fun, and quite frankly we are all doing it, everyday.
This interactive workshop uses games and simple techniques to learn to tune into your energy and the energy around you. This is useful in making strong decisions from a natural state of well-being.

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About Kerry Sammon
Kerry Sammon is a six-sensory teacher, body-worker and healer who helps people who are stuck, stressed or simply wanting more, to tune into their spirit, feel good in their body and enhance their lives.

A Clairvoyant Reading offers insight as you go through transitions in you life. This allows you the opportunity to negotiate through challenges with ease.

As a professional clairvoyant and spiritual coach, Kerry helps you learn more about where you are now, so you can make the necessary shifts to experience the life you desire. Based on seeing you as Spirit, a one-on-one session speaks to your true heart and nature. This helps you to take your best next step.

Body-Work Session: You are invited to relax in loose comfortable clothing on a massage table as you receive gentle hands-on therapy.

As a physical therapist and practitioner of CranioSacral therapy, Zero Balancing and the Healing Arts, Kerry offers holistic care to adults and children. By blending the art and science of traditional and alternative techniques, a session with Kerry unlocks long held patterns of pain and increases your energy.

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Soul Tender

Happy Mothers Day!

This is a poem that I wrote several years ago after recovering from Cancer and having

been separated from my 1 year old and 2 year old during treatment.

Soul Tender

My children, my gifts
You come into this world
whole, as perfection.

It is not I who molds and shapes,
not I who creates you.

You are profound.

I, Mother, am here to tend your soul,
to maintain the light and the love
that is of you and in you.

My intention is not to complete you,
But to remember you
with the awe and love
of your first few precious minutes-
and to reflect that back to you.

Should you stray from love
I will be there to remind you,
and your soul will be safe,
Joyful, Loved,
Well Tended.

Fawna Bews

Monday, May 3, 2010

Word of the Day: Surrender

Well, I was sneaking some moments before the kids got up this morning in my current read "In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness" by Eliza Mada Dalian, and the chapter I'm on is on surrender.

The 4 year old was crazy so reading was not working, on to making cookies (surrendering to the madness), I turned on Oprah Radio to listen to while baking and the topic- surrender. Okay Universe, I hear you.

I am quite certain that surrender is a prerequisite for a happy life. The Serenity Prayer is one of my very favorites:

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Surrendering those things that I cannot change though- whoa- there is a gap between knowing and doing!

I often think of the visual of 'who is driving the bus'. My intention is to allow Spirit, the Divine, God to drive. I mean, she can see more than I can, all knowing/all seeing/ all powerful. And yet time after time I find myself leaning over and wrenching the wheel away.

Now don't get me wrong, I don't see anything 'wrong' with me driving the bus, but I have come to accept that my vision is limited and my agenda is often skewed- so it can get a little bumpy!!!

How does this look in the 'real' world? I've been starting to worry about not selling enough tickets to the Tomas Event - Miracles of Trust - weekend. I hope you are laughing. Miracles of Trust...yeah.

So I start emailing, and thinking and ruminating and analyzing, bumpity bump bump.

Finally after the book, the radio and my own remembering kicking in I let it go. I surrender, I give it back to the Holy Spirit and get back to my own business- at this moment- making cookies.

mmmmmm....coookies. Have a good day.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

From a fight to Appreciation

So, this is probably the most raw 'aha' that I've had in a while.

The morning started out pretty well, quiet Saturday, my husband asked
me to make him breakfast- I said 'No'- I just didn't want to.

Then I was doing some work for him on the computer and he was cooking
himself a sandwich and I asked if he could make me one. He said "that's funny".

Wow- even writing this makes me see that I became a bit crazed :), believe me
the story in my head was highly in my favor.

SO- I slammed down the computer, said "nevermind" and stormed out of the room (reasonable).

So, under the covers I began my internal rant- 'I have to do everything', 'why does
he have to be like that' 'he only focuses on what I don't do, not all of the things
I do do', exhausting, right? This brought me to the core of the issue 'he doesn't appreciate me.'

Well, I've been doing enough self help for 10 people and I have worked on being in
my body and listening to my story. This statement landed like an anvil in my gut and
that little voice inside said 'ding,ding,ding'.

Alright, then the work starts, if I am telling myself the story that 'he doesn't appreciate me'- and by the way this then extends to EVERYONE else- seriously- noone
appreciates me :). Byron Katie's work comes in there- Is this true- well no- how does
it make me feel? Defeated, sad, alone...How would I feel if I didn't tell myself this
story? well- for sure better.

So, I ask spirit to join me and I stare "noone appreciates me" in the face. Various images over time pop up along with rationales and defensiveness- I keep staring.

When it feels like I'm going to burst- the last straw "I don't appreciate myself"- aha.

So, now what? I try affirming- feels too light, I ask for spirit to cut all cords to this idea of appreciation from me over all time.

I then relax into the truth- I am infinite being, I am child of God, I am appreciated, and in fact I am appreciation. Ahhh- can you feel that? It was as if channels throughout my body opened up and I was awash in true surrender of this story.

An interesting development that has happened lately is that my attachment to an agenda is diminishing (in other words- I didn't immediately think- wow if I start to appreciate myself I will get a lot of good things).

I appreciate this venue to share, I appreciate you for having read through this,

Infinite Love and Gratitude,