Thursday, June 27, 2013

Blown Away?

Feeling ungrounded?  I have the image of the dandelion in my head, at the moment that they blow away.  Twisting and turning in what seems to be random and possibly even violent movements, sweeping up and dropping down, what a ride that must be.  

Like the dandelion many of us are feeling blown away in this space of time.  Physical experiences of pain, dizziness, tension, emotional tornadoes and even spiritual upheavals.  For many it feels like all that they know is now in question.  Some, like my friends in High River who are without a town in this moment (flood 2013), have been ripped up by their roots and now sit on the potters shelf dry and unsure, waiting to be transplanted and in some cases not even sure they will survive it.  

Take a moment and just allow yourself to completely feel the insecurity, the fear, the disappointment and the uncertainty.  Feel it in a safe place.  I’ve been noticing that it’s a bit like a song, it has a crescendo, a movement of great intensity and then there seems to be a pause, a sigh.  Once truly felt and expressed the listener can hear the pause and then the ... 

 “but, you know...”  

It’s a tentative little tune, almost afraid to utter the words “the good thing about this...”  and like a good song there is a feeling of satisfaction, of completion, of closing the circle.  

This is the landing.  Once landed you can begin to put down roots.  

Where are you going to put down roots?  I don’t mean in a literal sense, although I believe that when you set it in your mind it will happen in form, and I don’t mean in things.  IF things come to mind (and that is absolutely fine) follow it back a little.  For example “I want to root in a new beautiful home”  ask yourself what that would bring you, eg. peace, happiness, safety and root in that.  

Allow your roots to courageously drop into places that you’ve never thought possible before.  Maybe you didn’t feel worthy before, or you were afraid, but that’s over now.  Consciously allow yourself to be planted in Joy, in Love, in Abundance, in Freedom whatever word represents your deepest desire, the desire that underlies boats and businesses and even children.  You don’t have to give up these things, I’m going to say that again, you don’t have to give up these things, enjoy them, recognizing that they are temporary.  

Enjoy the temporary and Value the eternal.  

Drop your roots into the eternal now and grow like never before.  

And so it is (right?) :)

I Love You.