Sunday, December 30, 2012

Good Riddance 2012- I Love You

Good Riddance 2012- I Love You

This sums up the feelings I have about this past year. As I review my ‘vision’ board from last year I am in a giggle.

Look at that. Instead of manifesting type vision boards, I have chosen for the last couple of years to just shut the mind off and allow images that appeal to reveal themselves. After choosing way too many for my board last year this single image stuck. Me in bed- yikes- if I’d only known. There is some good analysis in this I’m sure, but I’ve grown weary of analysis and am settled instead on giggling.

Holiday conversations have been delicious, not in the words, but in the awareness of a depth behind the words, the unspoken ‘Wow, glad to be on the other side of that trip’ that so many of us are feeling. Gratitude and ‘Holy Fuck, what was that all about?’ wrapped into one.

I’m reflective that what has come home this year is that we are connected. Connected in many layers within ourselves and connected to one another. The Awareness of this is not always there- like an iPod playing with the headphones on, the music is playing, but if you don’t put them on you can’t hear it.

What has come home to me is that Heaven may actually be here, now. I can’t fully explain it, tragedies like the Sandy Hook school shooting certain don’t feel like Heaven is here now. Deep in me I hear ‘look again’ ‘look deeper’ ‘look with me’- and sometimes I even do.

What has come home to me is that Stillness heals. It just does.

I have been supported on every level this year, I’ve chosen Peace and it has found me again and again.

The value of sharing has been heavily reinforced.

Finally, what I’m taking with me from this year is the awareness that although there may be an instinct to ‘move away’ from an uncomfortable situation, whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual- going deeper into it will bring Truth. Being right where you are- aware of physical senses, emotional senses and the beyond that, all at the same time, just being ‘in it’ - whatever it is- resolves IT.

So I’m going IN to 2013- ALL IN. Knowing I’m not alone, knowing there is room for everyone and everything.

Heart Full, Thank You,