Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crossing the River and Sharing

This little meditation  seems to have a life of her own.  I sent it to my friend Tricia Evans, a gifted musician (some of her work).  Trish, Dusty and I made up a third of our elementary school class at Longview school.  She now co-owns Taylor Sound, a recording studio in Calgary, AB.

Within a couple of days Trish had not only a musical impression to back the meditation but a song that wanted to come out of it too.  The song is coming soon...

When I did my vision board this year there is a component that speaks to my love of collaboration, the magic that can happen when you share openly.  What has been evident for Trish and I is the joy of just allowing something- without the need to mould or guard or over-engineer and then to just set it free without expectations.

Marianne Williamson shared the quote on her website this week that “An idea grows stronger when it is shared” from A Course In Miracles.  The idea behind this meditation is that we are naturally okay, the skill to finding this is undoing- taking off the costume.  The problem is that we are very attached to the costumes, so attached in fact that we can’t even see that there may be another way.

I took a part of Tad Hargraves Radical Business Incentive this weekend (my heart called me home for the duration- another story).  I got so much out of just three hours on Friday, but one of the biggies is that I’d like my work focussed around an idea, and here is the idea:

I have this picture in my mind that eventually everyone will have the ability to follow their hearts and it would all work out, if I want an apple I would reach out and it would be someones joy to give it to me, and someone else’s joy to transport it, and someone else’s joy to pick it and someone else’s joy to plant it.  

Here is a link to the meditation with background tunes, it starts a little of the way in: 

Photo 2011, Sarah Pilkington and I in the River :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Crossing the River - Trying Something New


Okay, after spending 1/2 hour looking for how to video on my Mac I managed to do this, I knew it could be done as my 6 year old has been doing taping himself for two years!!!

Last week I went to a meditation with Christine Wushke

It was great, made me realize that I actually can meditate and have been doing it for some time.

What came up for me were some amazing visuals, these would return each time I closed my eyes over the week and I’ve translated it into a meditation.

My guidance is to ‘throw it out there’- so here it is- less than 15 minutes long. I have invited a friend and musician Trish Evans to see what it inspires in her musically and if moved we will be putting together a more professional version.

Enjoy this gift as I have- and for those who haven’t seen it- my new curly locks.

Transcript (for those of you who are like me and would rather read it!)

Crossing the River Meditation

Stillness invites.  

Deep Breathes.  

Relax, and relax and relax, let go.  

Bring your awareness into focus, what do you hear, what do you smell, what’s going on behind your eyelids, what’s going on in your body, tune in, 

really tune in.

Now move that awareness from your head into your body, the chest, the torso- like a child exploring a new place.  Find a comfortable spot here and allow your awareness to join in the relaxation.

We are going to cross the river.  The river is life.  Picture the river.  you are standing on the shore watching, feel the ground beneath your feet. First we are going to experience ourselves on this side of the river. 

On this side we have a chest, in the chest are three costumes.  You are able to slip these on with such ease that you don’t even notice your movement.  

We don’t like these costumes, but we are compelled to wear them, we are going to explore that.  We haven’t looked at this because we were a little frightened, so we are going to invite another to stand with us.  

See a wise being joining you, a safe and creative being who knows that these are costumes even when you do not.  Even when you have lost yourself in play, this being sees who you really are.

Allow a quiet moment of recognition to harmonize with this being, using any greetings that feel right and settle in together.  This being has been to the other side of the river and assures you that this is worth it.

When you are ready, lift open the chest and place on the first costume.  This costume can be called the victim.  Feel the victim, feel her or him fully, notice your body, notice the words in your head, notice the emotions, notice what you would like to do.  Knowing that your friend is right beside- you fully allow the victim to have his or her say without interruption, judgement or saving.  I will give you time to explore this NOW.  Allow her full expression.

When she feels fully explored you may notice new feelings and thoughts emerging, just watch them.  When she or he feels heard and seen, in this costume you are going to jump into the river and swim across.  

Your arrival on the other side is assured, even if you struggle.  

As you emerge from the river you notice that the costume has fallen off and you are standing there in your Natural state.  What was underneath the victim is the Creator. 

Once again notice how this feels, what you are thinking and what is going on for you.  Take a moment.

From this side of the river you notice that a part of you is still on the other side.  From this side your awareness slips easily back into this you.  This part of you now opens the chest and takes out another costume, this costume is labelled- the attacker, the aggressor.  His or her arm is raised and the whip is in hand, his or her words are ready and aimed.  Remember that your friend is with you and allow yourself to FULLY feel this part of you, experience it with great allowance and abandon.  Notice everything.  When you feel like you would like to swim across the river DONT- allow a little more- do this again and again until it feels like this character has been allowed his full say.  

When he is spent he can jump in the river and swim across, emerging naturally once again- costume falling off.  He is Safety.  Feel the safety, feel it in your entire body, feel it’s assuredness, confidence and knowing.  When you feel like you have met this person completely- and this is you- the natural you. Join hands with the Creator.  Where once stood victim and aggressor these two now stand and look into one another’s eyes.  Forgiveness is shared, shared means giving and receiving, any remnants of the costumes fall away.  When they are ready, hand in hand they look back across the river.  One more costume remains and they are eager to bring it all Home to this side of the river. 

Awareness back to the original banks, friend ready and near by.  You put on the final costume, the rescuer, the rescuer has been witnessing the goings on of the victim and aggressor and they intercede.  Explore the rescuer, explore the one who watches these battles and what is going inside of them, inside their bodies, their fears and hopes and emotions and thoughts.  

Explore her fully, explore her at different ages and angles.  When fully explored join hands with your friend for the final swim across the river, you are ready to let go of this side and see the other side.  You have fully experienced the game of victim and bully and bystander and rescuer.  You are READY for something else.

You jump in together and move to the other side- as you emerge- watch yourself, as you move towards the rest of you your heart is light.  Underneath this costume, which has disappeared in the river, you are LOVE.

Love emerges sparkling from the water, step in completely, feel Love, 

you     are    Love

Love is able to look back at the other side of the river and know that it is all okay, there is no longing and no seeking, only full acceptance, room for everything that seemed like was.  

Love greets Creation and Safety and they join hands.  Feel it.  Allow It, see what they want to do.  

You see now that you look like your friend, in your natural state you are very similar and yet your essence remains.  

You merge now into One again.  Love, Creation, Safety.  You Are.  You sit on the bank, more relaxed than you’ve ever felt before, the sun shining on you.  

You look in the river and see your reflection.  You know yourself as love, creation and safety and you feel the ‘note’ of it.  Hold the note, Hold the note.  Notice the notes of the rest of the people and things in this room, in your life,  feel the Harmony.  

 You will ask your friend to help you to resist the temptation to dive across the river again and put on the costumes, but if you do- you know that it’s okay.  You know the way back, you can go and play anytime that you want, just recognizing that it is your choice.  

As you continue to hold the note, when you are ready you will wiggle your toes here and now, you will open your eyes here and now and you will hold this note as long as you can.

I Love You.