Monday, February 22, 2010

An Aha before 7 am- wow!

This morning I was reading Toltec Prophecies by don Miguel Ruiz and Mary Carroll Nelson and this sentence jumped out at me...

"We are God dreaming that we are not God".

It is a sentence that just makes me want to take it all in. Then I realized that it is like a big delicious sub sandwich on Italian bread (mmm, italian bread). It looks so good that you take the biggest bite and then bam, ouch. It gets stuck mid throat and you get that burning pain in your sternum from taking too big of a bite.

Big wisdom such as this is painful to take in in a big bite- it requires the release of so much preprogramming and calls for true responsibility.

So for today I will take nibbles and enjoy ingesting, allowing the words to digest and the best parts to become a part of me.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm reading OSHO- The Book Of Understanding and was just moved by a sentence.

"Is the rose selfish when it blooms?"

Jumping out of my skin would describe how I feel about this little sentence- whoop, whoop- high five- that sort of thing.

Selfishness has been a shadow following me, tapping me on the shoulder- looking for a way in. Armed in my righteousness I was impermeable, honorably suffering- "you are so nice", "thank you Fawna" "oh Fawna, you are so much better than SO and SO- they are so selfish".

The people in my life who most irritate me have a common label- selfish- and we all know what that means!

Selfishly I have kept myself above, kept myself away from the things I love, kept myself barricaded in a gilded cage of my own keeping.

Now I desire to be a rose, a rose as I was meant to be, being and doing joyful things, blooming.