Wednesday, June 23, 2010

June Newsletter

Hot Tips For A Happy Life
June 2010

I'm writing this from the U of C campus and I am jazzed. Why?

I could make up a bunch of reasons, but I believe that the truth is I just

love this environment, the sea of humanity- the learning lean- love it.

Paige (my daughter) on the other hand is dragging her feet and her exact words are

"it smells like too many different kinds of coffee, I don't like it, let's get out of here".

So today's happy tip- notice who you are.


This sounds so obvious, right?

But the truth is many people have no idea and thereby spend time and energy on wondering

why they are not happy or who they should be like or defaulting to a program set by society, parents,

friends- whoever.

More and more I am getting away from the story of 'working' on things, trying, learning- anything that

presupposes effort and the need to change yourself. I am going to use the word 'notice' but in the most

passive of ways.

As you go about doing what you do, feeling what you feel, notice the YOU in it. Notice when it feels like

you- default program- or YOU- resonating with who you ARE.

BUT how do I know the difference? I believe that, like in poker, everyone has their tell. As I walk across

campus I 'feel a zing', words are limited in describing how I know that 'student' might describe one identity

that harmonizes with the 'Fawna Experience'. Feel for your 'tell' and the moments that time feels 'just right'.

Next month I will talk about- "okay- I noticed that I am about 99% default program- what do I do"?

Have a fantastic June and watch for the glint of you,

wishing you 'aliveness',


I just returned from retreating at Inspired Futures Destination Coach Sequel- aka Fawna Heaven!

With this I am happy to add 'coaching' to my portfolio.

For a fully integrated body, mind, spirit session in my cozy cabin, please call 403 558 2236 or send me a note.


Happy Summer, Talk to you in July

1 comment:

  1. Good one Fawna, and so true. So many people (including myself too often) get through the day on auto-pilot!

    In a course I took a few months ago we talked about access points. Basically whenever you notice you are on auto-pilot, access your senses. Ask yourself:

    What do I smell, see, taste, hear, feel? really notice and then say (out loud),

    "I'm back!"