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September Newsletter- Honoring your Rhythm

Hot Tips for A Happy Life
September 2010
Honoring your Rhythm

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Happy Fall. It is exquisitely beautiful here in Longview this year.
The yellows of the tree's against the still green grass and bright
blue sky's today are almost blinding.

Last month we talked about 'which Wolf are you feeding?'

Nature definitely feeds my good wolf- even standing in the rain- which we
have had a lot of chances to do recently. We sometimes add new
stories about the weather- too windy, too cold etc. but when we just
tune in to where we are here and now and sense the richness of being outside
it is often expanding and illuminating.

Today I am going to talk about honoring your seasons. There is just so much
to learn from watching the cycles and rhythms of nature.



Life is about rhythm, the changing of the seasons, the tides, the cycles of the moon.
And yet we as a part of nature are often in complete denial of this.

Pushing relentlessly we can expect 'constant Spring' from ourselves, expecting to be
ever producing, ever blooming and consistently fired up. I've been on twitter a lot lately
and most of the quotes that are tweeted glorify constant doing, creating, pushing and persistence.
I have nothing against this. But haven't you noticed that while this is easy and fun at times, at
other times it is completely against how you are feeling? Have you noticed that we can get
bitter, resentful and stressed out?

I am reminded of my son's venture into gardening this summer. He planted his little seed and then hourly
for two days check and rechecked for growth- even digging it up a time or two and replanting. Do you do
that? I know that I do.

When I really tune in to what 'my bliss' is, there are times of busyness and times of rest, of course there
are things I need to do like feeding my kids, but there are times when I need more rest, more nurture- or
even just more fun!

And what about productivity? I have a business I need to attend to! Well, surprisingly as I honor my energy
levels and my innermost desires (as opposed to shoulds and have to's) my productivity soars! Rather than
slogging through things I rest when I'm called to and I fly when I'm called to- refreshed and
renewed and often with more purpose and clarity.

Tune in to where you are at right now 1. Stop 2. Breathe 3. Ask- am I in planning phase?, am I planting?
am I harvesting? am I in need of hibernation? 4. Try it out- even for a part of a day- honor that feeling instead
of what you mind might say you HAVE to do.

Then let me know- I would love to hear how you are doing.


Self Promotion Bit...

Treatment sessions will be $1 per minute continuing to the end of the year and will rise after that- this has been
my year long 10 year Cancer free special- 2 more months if you are wanting to have help tuning in to
that wisest part of yourself and feel relaxed and rejuvenated to boot!

COURSES- after a bit of a hibernation from training I am happy to be offering a short series

"Kitchen Table Awareness"

1. OCTOBER 23: All about the Ego
*explore the concept of the Ego and how to STOP LISTENING TO WORRY AND GUILT!!!

Everyone tells me to follow my bliss- but I don't even know what it is or how to find it!!!
*guided meditations, exploration and connection boards uncover what truly makes you sing- a day
of discovery to prepare you for setting your 2011 intentions.

Courses are at my Kitchen Table here in Longview $60 each or prepaid $100 for both.
10 am- 3pm with lunch included.

OUTRAGEOUS GUARANTEE- I guarantee that these days will be absolutely amazing- or you can have
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Contact me at
Love You.

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