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October Newsletter- Hot Tips for a Happy Life

October 2010

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Hello and Happy October!

A week ago I had just said goodbye to an amazing group of people who
joined me for a day of exploring the 'ego'.

My incentive for doing the course was an answer to my ego's prodding (lying) that
"you can't do courses by yourself".

I spent most of my preparation time 'undoing' and resisting the urge to prepare
and I am so glad that I did.

Today's newsletter will be a recap of the course for those of you who couldn't make it-
DON"T WORRY- it will be very point form and I would like to share a couple of video links with you.

If you prefer to read it later I invite you to scroll down and look at the November 20 course as well
as a couple of recommendations for courses that are coming up.

All about the 'Ego'- the 30 second version of our day

The ego that I am referring to is any thoughts that suggest that you are separate from others.

We started the course out at the End. If you have a chance here is a great exercise to center
yourself and get down to remembering your inherent wonderfulness.

Find a comfortable spot and progressively relax your entire body, when you are relaxed picture yourself
in the safest and most comfortable place that you can imagine. From this place and awareness ask
your inner wisdom this question "WHO AM I?" Do not judge what comes (judgement is the glue that
holds the ego together). Ask the question again and again. Initially you may get a lot of labels, mother- wife,
massage therapist etc. keep asking beyond this and see what you get.

After discussion we did an exercise called "Unpacking the Rocks" (I actually just made that up this very second).

Picture yourself as a baby, the wonder and perfection of that first moment. We talked about how the very first
time that you see or experience something is the purest and the closest to truth. The first time you climb a
hill and the vista before you is beyond words, you breathe deeply and take it all in. The second time you begin
to judge- it's colder this time, I can't see as far etc. Taking you out of this moment and into the past.

The rock exercise involves writing on rocks with sharpie, examining all of the 'judgments' that get put on almost
immediately after birth. It's a girl, she's white, she's healthy or not- and all of the baggage that comes along
with this.

This is not an exercise to induce guilt- we are all in this boat together- it is only for recognition.
We follow through the lifetime and all of the 'stuff' or rocks that get added into the backpack.

Finally- there comes a point when you are reminded in some way that maybe, just maybe- these rocks are
not who you ARE and you begin to disidentify.

Unloading the rocks is a process outlined in tonnes of self help/psychology/spirituality books. In a nutshell-
NOTICE, RISE ABOVE, EVALUATE (true, not true), FORGIVE-LET GO- okay that took me 10 years and
1000's of books to get to, please take it and collapse time- or enjoy the road, either way- you are perfect!

We had a yummy lunch and enjoyed the outdoors a bit and then back to work :)

There is a story about a Navajo grandfather who once told his grandson, "Two
wolves live inside me. One is the bad wolf, full of greed and laziness, full of anger and jealousy and regret. The other is the good wolf, full of joy and compassion and willingness and a great love for the world. All the time, these wolves are fighting inside me." "But grandfather," the boy said. "Which wolf will win?" The grandfather answered, "The one I feed."

I have heard the story told in many different ways but this is the basic version.

SO, ask yourself- how do I feed my good wolf?

And the other?

This lead to more great discussion and THEN- the bonus of not preparing and
allowing spirit to lead.

My friends from brought their drums and we were
treated to a drum circle- just as we were about to start a carload of First Nations men
stopped in for gas money. I declined to give them gas money, but when they saw my drum
one of them asked to come in. In he came, listened and then played the hand drum and
sang us a song- it was perfect!!! I was so grateful to spirit for showing the wonder that can
come from not listening to ego (which may have said- send them packing!).

We wrapped up the day with meditation once again- asking "Who Am I?" and touched on
the wonder of that brand new baby.

Finally- the best way to stop our addiction to the ego's insistence that we are all in danger, all
separate and this is an every man for himself kind of world-

This is a lot of information- hours in 222 kb I would love to do this workshop again- if you are
interested in getting a group together please let me know!


The follow up to the Ego Course "Kitchen Table Awareness- Who am I then?" will be held
on November 20th. We will be enjoying that still quiet voice within, touching on the part of us
that is unique but connected- like the facet on a diamond you have a unique light to shine. Behind your
roles and masks there is an underlying 'wholeness'- we will be spending the day teasing it out.
This course will involve creating a connection board (like a vision board) and all supplies will be
included. Course price $60 also includes Lunch.
LOCATION CHANGE- Stampede Ranch For Kids, Big Room- this room will allow us space to spread out
and complete our boards- and it is super cool (Dusty and I were married here).
respond to this email to register or register at

Intriguing Workshops by My friends:

Velva Dawn Silver Hughes of Ancient Aspirations- Longview November 6, 2010
Trusting Your Own Healing Abilities with Dana, Aine, and Ixchel
Edmonton- November 13, 2010
Atlantean Activation~ Dolphins, Crystals, Goddess Workshop
Details at:

Highwood River Inn- an Mother/Daughter sleepover- join at the in Friday for games, movies
and bonfire, sleep over, full day of appetizer cooking and pampering Saturday- all for $125
call 403 558 2456 to book in with your daughter- space is limited.

Legacy Artwork- drum making workshops! A dynamic pair, their workshop will be so much
more than making your OWN drum- an experience not to be missed. Dates and details at: look under Urban Retreats on the Right hand side of the page!

Have an amazing November- you are love, you are loved.

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