Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back From Another World

Yesterday I re-entered 'this world' from the world of Bimini. A small Bahamian island only 43 miles off of the coast of Florida- Bimini showed up as an entirely different 'planet'. A planet where people are easy going and kind, where the days are warm on the inside and the outside and where beauty brings you to tears with regularity.

I am still processing all of the gifts from the week, but as I sit here in the shifting sands of humanity in the Houston Airport I just wanted to share one small 'lesson' from the Dolphins of Bimini.

On good Friday, and homecoming weekend on the island, the normally extremely quiet waters became busy, busy.

As our last day on the water we were beyond thrilled to come upon a pod of bottle-nose dolphins feeding. As we watched and prepared to get into the water a boat came flying towards our dive boat and the dolphins.

From the boat you could feel our anxiety rising (palpable after such a relaxing week), there were shouts at the boat, there were arm and hand gestures to try and get this guy to slow down and general disgust with poor boating manners and assumptions about drinking and boating.

In the water however the story was completely different, as the wake of the speedy boat rose up towards us the dolphins caught the wave and took advantage of a chance for fun!!! Surfing alongside one another they shifted us from irritation to joy in a moment.

This visual will stay with me as I ride the wake of returning to 'normal' life- surfing as opposed to flailing about.

"Once connected, always connected" Amlas- Wildquest

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