Monday, April 4, 2011

I Love You Man

In the ‘holistic scene’ (sounds groovy) there has been a movement and loads of information on the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

Our society has been patriarchal for thousands of years and this return to balance was, in my opinion, inevitable. There has been some headway made, but there continues to be huge inequities between women and men in our country (pay, position, home and child care) - let alone in countries around the world.

Several of the women I have seen in the past few weeks have done some wonderful targeted work in this area. Opening up their feminine side, open to receiving, loving the feminine, and nurturing themselves.

The layer that seems to be coming up behind this is an anger, mistrust or complete rejection of the Masculine.

All of us are complete and whole, over time however we wall off certain parts- usually for security- and limit ourselves to a ‘smaller’, more manageable version.

Injuries, stiffness and even complete disregard of the right side of the body are showing the way to a rejection of inner masculinity.

Yikes- that sentence may make sense to me- but let me break it down a little.

We are a mind, body and spirit complex- so much more than what we usually identify with and express.

The body tends to be honest; in my gentle, hands on sessions I engage in conversation with the body and things that the mind may be repressing show up. I am including the ‘energy’ body in this as well, as real to me as your arm or leg.

In energy medicine you have a giving side and a receiving side, the right is associated with masculinity and the left with femininity.

So here is what some wonderful bodies have told me this past week- it has been helpful to me so I hope that it resonates with you as well.

First, the ‘giving’ of the feminine is often intuitive and in response. What Oprah calls “the disease to please” is the darker side of this.

The giving of the masculine is more about pulling from within. Which many of us (us being women) see as selfishness.

The exciting thing is- we need the voices of women in our world (feel a Halleluiah coming on there)- by embracing the inner masculine, you can reach in and give the world your uniqueness.

Sure, Fawna, sounds easy ☺

How we (my clients and I) were led in this was distinct for each person, but basically related to:

Accepting that we are a combination of masculine and feminine

Allowing that part of us that has been ‘walled away’ to be witness and to speak

This requires some use of imagination and visualization, as well as the ability to stop and listen.

The over riding voice of this inner boy child and/or inner father, inner grandfather has been to see them in yourself and offer love (of course, ultimately isn’t that always the answer?).

As always I invite your comments.

I love you man,


  1. I keep seeing over and over again, balance is everything. An ongoing effort to achieve and maintain though. Picture a scale with equal weights trying to find that perfect harmony. It wobbles back and forth and even once it gets to perfect balance, it can easily be jarred back into imbalance...

    Love the pic!

  2. Well said Jenn,

    I like that word- harmony, I find we (I) have a tendency to 'throw the baby out with the bath water'. In the pursuit of wholeness it's about having a full tool belt so that we have what we need when it's needed- metaphor overload?

    I thought you might like this picture (wondering who was watching these kids?)