Thursday, November 3, 2016

Blessed if I do. Blessed if I don't.

Blessed if you do, Blessed if you don’t?

How much of our precious time here do we spend ruminating on decisions  Should I do this or should I do that?  Is this the right thing or the wrong thing?  I don’t want to make a mistake. Even when we have made the choice and are active in doing what we decided the voice of doubt can be incessant. That voice can make even the simplest of jobs a grind.  I can't tell you how many times I've avoided certain jobs and realized that the only real difficulty in it is the rant inside "this isn't my job or why am I doing this or maybe I shoulda, coulda woulda!"  

It's hard enough when you are in normal everyday life, when you start down the spiritual path you add another slate of questions “how do I know if this is spirit or if it is ego?” and there are lots of answers for this (one is loud, one is quiet- how it feels, etc.) but what if it doesn’t really matter?

What if we are blessed if we do, blessed if you don't? This picture is a postcard that we keep on our dresser.

I have a tendency to set the GPS in my car and then just ignore it, it adjusts.  What if our way to Joy is already set in our GPS, we are inevitably on our way and every time we take a turn it simply re-calibrates the route?

It makes me think of the artist Bob Ross and his 'happy accidents' - many a time when I am so called lost, or off track do I find a really cool store, or meet someone or come upon the magic unexpected pieces of life.  

A statement that has been very supportive to me, I probably read it on a Facebook poster, has been "why do we assume that what's best for us is not what's best for everyone?"

I know that I certainly have held that belief, a hidden assumption that there is some kind of sacrifice involved.  If I choose to do something I want I will either have to pay for it in some way or it will inconvenience or require sacrifice of someone else.  No wonder decisions are so very hard- choosing your own heart or someone else's is not a good feeling choice at all!!  

What if this entire assumption (damned if you do, damned if you don't) is upside down?  And so well held that we see things through this lens.  Beliefs are like colored glasses.  

I am a scientist at heart, so I just suggest that you try it on, do a little experiment, for a day or an hour.  What if every decision were blessed if you do, blessed if you don't.  Some may be more roundabout, but a tour of the countryside can yield new experience.  The other thing I like to think of are video games, in the seeking games you cannot progress unless you have right jewels or tools to advance.  Think about how much more you could do if instead of paralyzed by indecision you were moving!  With that said there is no need to move at all- it's not about doing more, more, more, I think we've pretty much maxed out on that.  I've retired my superhero cape!  The decision to do nothing at all - also blessed, you don't have to buy it yet- just imagine if that were true.  I hear the arguments start right away in my head at that statement, our culture is heavily invested in the value of doing.  

With that said, I believe I will start now, start with the doing nothing.  

Blessed if I do, Blessed if I don't.  Have a great day. 

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