Wednesday, November 30, 2016

You Kids Smarten Up...

Maybe I should take all political candidates and people off of my Facebook Feed.  Maybe I can use this, maybe there are no mistakes and getting fired up is exactly what I need.

Here's what I'm seeing:

Government of Alberta:  Smug, Smug, Smug, Smuggity, Smug, Smug
Opposition:  Scorn, Scorn, Scorn, Scoff, Scornity, Scoff, Scoff, Scoff

and it's not partisan, I saw this when the Conservatives were in too.  Having ads that show what great things you are doing just hit me wrong, and they both do it- isn't that your job?  I have to say- I try that at home too- LOOK AT ME- I MADE SUPPER, I GOT UP today, I MADE YOUR LUNCH...  in script at the bottom - "your Mom cares".  I'd rather the 'we are helping you' was obvious and the ad dollars went to something else.

Here's how I'm feeling.  I feel like when I'm in the car and the kids are in the back bickering.  When I see the tweets, when I see the posts and when I see article's and comment sections that have to do with anything political.  Bickering.  I want to say "if you kids don't start getting along your both going to walk- now grow up and get along".

Now, I have to make the swing from outside to inside- if this is bugging me it's not their deal (how I wish I could just make it their deal and continue with my rant!).  As within so without, as above so below, thank you Hermes.  I'm not responsible for the governments behavior- they haven't made me grand Mom yet (yet...).  I am responsible for my own peace of mind and I really don't want to go into today all fired up about something I can't control.

So, does smug and scorn and scoffity, scoff live in me...eek, think there may be shades of it right above.  My "I know" mind, based on a limited spectrum of knowledge is happy to defend herself.  She's a self righteous do gooder (if you are reading Circle of Trust she's the Rescuer).  On the other side is "who the hell do you think you are?" laid back and harumphing at my 'I'm so right'.

So, do I need a 'get along shirt?'

I am the Mom to me, and I do have Holy Spirit help (Jesus take the wheel!).  So if I want peace of mind, and I do, I need to let go, put down my defenses (I'm right and I'm wrong) and return to Grace. Trust myself, trust others and trust that bigger picture.

Everything is unfolding, my part to play will be obvious (blog away) and we are ultimately figuring it out.  Growing up happens, it's natural and requires gentle tending.  So I'm saying to those kids inside me, I hear you - you are better together - we are going to be okay.  As within, so without, let's see how this goes.

#donewiththedrama #circleoftrust

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